MIM for MOM measures a mother's milk in a natural, friendly & accurate manner

Much like disposable diapers have become widespread in both developed and undeveloped countries, Smart Breast Feeding is developing a solution that parents and infants will never understand how they lived without: MIM (Milk in Measure) for MOM, a patent-pending necklace based device that measures in real-time the quantity of breastfed milk in a safe, comfortable, easy-to-use and affordable manner (since it costs less than buying formula milk). 

MIM for MOM supports the international trend of breastfeeding since its benefits include:

Enhanced breastfeeding experience – MIM for MOM enhances the experience and quality of breastfeeding for mothers and babies, providing parents with answers to the question: “How much did our baby eat?” 

Reduces worries and pain – The device helps to reduce both worries and pain of mothers by monitoring breastfeeding in an innovative way that is unlike any other on the market.

Tracking appetite and growth – The product allows tracking and recording the baby’s appetite and growth.  · Assists in breastfeeding management – For instance, it builds a feeding table for single and/or multiple babies. It also indicates feeding/playing periods in a single breastfeeding. MIM for MOM allows managing breastfeeding in a smart way (e.g. more control, better balance, higher comfort and better smooth weaning).

Sharing information – MIM for MOM provides information that may be shared online with a spouse, family members or friends.